Report of the President – January 2012

Before and After, Tulane University New Orleans Louisiana

Seeing is Believing
Seeing is Believing
2011 was a monumental year in the life of Tulane University. In many ways it was the year in which Tulane fully realized its recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

Having achieved post-storm financial stability much sooner than anyone could have predicted, Tulane looked outward with the firm belief that we could further develop our unique brand of learning that incorporates community engagement squarely within the students' academic experience.

In doing so, we have reinvigorated New Orleans – a city whose startling recovery in public education, housing and community health care is making it a model for others. In the process, we have reimagined the university.

Six years ago, in the immediate aftermath of the storm, we were counseled to develop a plan to shutter the university. Some may have thought we were crazy, but we believed our brightest days were still ahead, and amid the utter chaos that confronted us we developed a bold plan to make the university an even stronger institution. The outcomes of that plan are largely what you will read here.

After putting our own house in order, Tulane is now fully embracing the motto that is inscribed on our seal: Non sibi, sed suis, that instructs citizens to act "not for one's self, but for one's own."

Who would have believed we could have come so far, so fast?

Scott S. Cowen

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