Report of the President – January 2012
Before and After

Tutors help high schools in "AP" courses
Underprivileged students are encouraged to see themselves in a university.

New Orleans high school students get assistance in studying for AP tests from AdvanceNOLA. (Photo by Meredith Barousse.)

Graduate student Joshua Schoop works with the Advanced Placement coordinator at Cohen High School, where AP literature and statistics courses are offered for the first time.

Joshua is among a cohort of Tulane students who tutor high school students in AP courses in New Orleans public schools, with the goal of providing the younger students with the tools and skills needed to succeed in college.

"Cohen students are building relationships with college students, which helps them to envision themselves in a university," says Joshua.

Approximately 35 Tulane students are tutors at five high schools in the New Orleans area. They volunteer through the AdvanceNOLA program of the Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives.

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See what students from my alma mater #Tulane University are doing to revive New Orleans post-Katrina:
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